Splash of cold water.

I would officially like to state my non-medical opinion on something.

Writing is very therapeutic for some people. Either that or what doctors say about being intimate really are true. Yeah, TMI, but whatever, it’s the birds and the bees and it’s not a bad thing. Especially because when I’m pregnant I don’t want to be touched. I have to force myself to cuddle my kids cause they are too hot and breathing my air. I don’t want The Captain to touch me. He’s already fulfilled his role and anthropologically speaking, I don’t need him anymore until the baby is born. It’s nice to have days where I feel like we are just dating and I can’t get enough hand holding and cuddling and kissing. I forget how much fun it is to make out. You get married and the butterfly inducing things seem to get put on the wayside. As for the kid thing… I have two brains right now. The pregnant brain and the mommy brain. The mommy brain is much stronger in aspects because it loves the kid cuddling while the pregnancy brain is inside screaming to “give me back my air!!”

I finally slept last night. Three hours and then up for 2 and then three more. It was awesome. I showered, did my hair, did my makeup, dishes are done, laundry is 4 loads down and counting.

It is finally around 5pm and I’m finally crashing. I’m done for the day. But this is much better, more productive day than I’ve had in weeks.

Getting sleep is like a splash of cold water to the face. I love the feeling of being rested.


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