Mysterious Ways

I’ve always felt that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Or whomever you believe in. Or fate. Or whatever. I prefer to believe in The One Creator myself.

Anyway, my little brother Uncle Day got married to an absolutely delightful woman who we call Tante (it’s German for Aunt). They had a civil ceremony in our hometown so that us three sisters could be there. They then planned a church ceremony where she’s from. He mad a huge effort to come to my wedding so I felt it was important to be there for his.

I wasn’t really paying attention to the departure time of my flight Sunday morning, just that it was the only flight that I didn’t get back home by midnight or later early Monday morning. As I was looking, I realized that my flight left Dulles airport in Washington DC at 6:30am. Which meant I had to be there by 5:30am at the latest. I was in Charles City, Virginia which was about 40 minutes from Richmond and that was about 100 miles to DC. So…. That meant I had to be up about 1:00am (or 11pm my home time, ugh).

I figured that Richmond was a big enough city that I’d be able to get a shuttle or something from the Richmond airport to the Amtrak and then a train to DC and the metro or a bus or even just a taxi from the train station to Dulles. It should have been easy peasy. My mom and dad didn’t need to be in DC until much later so my dad just took me to the Richmond airport and dropped me off while I reassured him that I’d find my way. The poor guy wasn’t sleeping well and he didn’t need to be up to take me all the way to Dulles.

Richmond airport was D.E.A.D dead. No one was there. Anywhere.

I figured that I’d go downstairs to the taxi/shuttle area and seriously, no one was there. I called a taxi and luckily someone was able to come pick me up quickly. Thank God for cell phones and smart phones!! πŸ˜€ Although a police man showed up and asked if I needed anything, I guess I could have asked him for help, but by then a taxi was already coming. I guess Richmond isn’t the best place for a white girl to be out by herself at night.

The taxi driver came and took me to the Amtrak station and it was closed as well. He told me that if I wanted, he’d just take me to Dulles. I asked him how much that would cost me and he said that the thing that figured out the fare would say $300 but he’d only charge me $100. The only thing that ran through my mind was “Are you shitting me?!?!”

We stopped off to get gas (after he asked me politely if that was ok LOL) and I tried to buy him a coffee and he turned around surprised and told me he was going to buy ME breakfast! Who the heck is this guy?! I told him that he was already doing me a huge favor and I’d rather buy him something and he still ended up buying me a doughnut.

We got on the road and he was quiet to let me sleep and when we got closer, we sat and chatted. His name is Mahmood and he’s from Somalia. His wife is Egyptian but Somalian born and they have a 4 year old daughter. He loves Soccer (football) and his country made it to the top 8 in the African cup. Which is a pretty big deal for him.

So, I made it to the airport on time. For much MUCH less money and hassle than it should have been.

I’ve never heard of a cab driver making a deal on a fare before and this was a big deal he made for me.

Plus, I had some homemade jam from the wedding, Tante’s mom made a tiny jar for everyone. I had it in my bag that I didn’t check. The TSA agent just tested it with some weird thing and he just told me to be careful doing that, most people would make me throw it away. And I’m so thankful because it was so SO good. Strawberry jam is my favorite and homemade is even better. It has made me a happy girl for 3 mornings now. πŸ™‚

Experiences like this remind me that there is someone looking out for me and that God works in mysterious ways.


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  1. Paula Devi
    Aug 06, 2011 @ 04:27:14

    I love your Somalian knoght in shining armor story. Don’t you just feel so open-hearted when things like this happen? For me, this is the best part of life. Meeting people you don’t know and hearing their stories. These connections warm my heart. The truth is that outside of the States, people do that – they’ll walk a mile out of their way to help you find the place you are looking for. Here that culture is missing. SO glad it all worked out for you. And bless that TSA man for thinking out of the box.
    As I said I loved that post and your posts in general, I feel obligated to myself, though, to mention that the sentence “I guess Richmond isn’t the best place for a white girl to be out by herself at night” does not make me feel good. So sorry you wrote that. That’s all I’ll say about that.


    • enchantingly eccentric
      Aug 06, 2011 @ 11:42:55

      I’m so glad you like most of my posts! I really enjoy your comments. In regards to the sentence that Richmond isn’t a safe place, the policeman that came to talk to me, that was actually his sentence. I didn’t say it, nor did I even think it until after he said something. If I had been worried for my welfare, I certainly wouldn’t have been ok to let my dad drop me off and leave me alone. I know it’s probably a bad thing to think and very adolescent, but I never think anything bad will happen to me and on the few occasions that I get a hinky feeling, I follow it and don’t allow myself to sit scared someplace. I guess I should say that most cities aren’t very safe for a woman in general to be by herself at night. I never think of myself as white or otherwise until someone points out that I am. *shrug* I think it was the policeman making his statement more personalized towards me. Thank you for pointing that out to me… I appreciate that. πŸ™‚


  2. Paula Devi
    Aug 07, 2011 @ 12:46:31

    I do love coming to your blog and reading your posts. It was just the word “white” that caught my eye. But I’m grateful that you took the time to have the exchange with me. Not everyone would do that.

    Moving along, I see that your blog is wordpress. I have opened a wordpress account and just can’t get it put together. Sherri at Messy Mind also changed over to WP and does really neat things. Maybe I’ll look for the manual. Be well my friend.


    • enchantingly eccentric
      Aug 08, 2011 @ 11:40:15

      I found your blog. I have really enjoyed a few things and think you may like the next posting coming up in a couple of days. My Mr. is a computer programmer and has really helped me with my blogspot blog and so I kind of figured this out, if you want to email me with what you are trying to do, I can totally help you out.


  3. nanners
    Aug 09, 2011 @ 11:11:55

    FYI – EE’s dad felt very guilty for dropping her off in Richmond, but being the stubborn person she is, “Oh, I’ll be fine!” He might as well have taken her to Dulles as he didn’t sleep until she let him know she had arrived safe. All’s well that ends well and you know darn well we would have come back to get you if you needed.


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