No, I am NOT crazy.

Last Thursday, I finally encountered the day I’ve been looking forward to for almost a year…

I got my IUD out!

I waited a whole damn year for this day… and why? Let me break it down..

Right after having Bliss, I had a really hard time on birth control pills. They made me craaaaaaaaaazy. I figured we were done with the baby making business for long enough that an IUD made sense. Since the hormones in the pill were making me so sick, I opted for the copper one.

Since then, I have not had a uterus pain free day. Every period hurt, every time I had sex for two days after it hurt, every day hurt. It got to where even though I wanted to have sex with The Captain, I just couldn’t bear to do it knowing what the next two days would entail.

I ended up with ovarian cysts multiple times. If you’ve never dealt with that, this is what I went through. My ovaries would get huge with the cysts. Every time one burst, I would be nauseous and the pain was really quite horrible. I would gain 5-7 pounds in a week right around the time I was ovulating and it would stay there until I had my period. I looked 5 months pregnant every time they popped up. The bloating, crampy, uncomfortable, icky feeling of cysts. They were so bad the first time that my doctor said, “Holy monster cysts, Batman!”

Yeah, he’s pretty funny, he broke his leg jumping out of his truck to shoot a deer. I really like the doc.

Anyway, I also would have anywhere from 10 days to 40 days with no period. No warning, no idea when it would hit. Then when it hit, I’d cramp for 10 days, bleed heavy for 10 days, then spend the next 5 spotting. And cramping.

So, why not take it out? Because it cost us $1200 dollars to put the devil in and I couldn’t bear to take it out after spending that much money on the damned thing. So, I kept thinking it would get better.

It did not.

For some reason, The Captain and I started talking about having another baby and after Easter shopping and seeing the little newborn little girl swimsuit with red and white stripes and ruffle bum with a tiny white robe, that would make anyone baby hungry.

So, I got onto and instead of going to the grocery store and buying $20 tests, or even going to the dollar store, these babies come at 50 cents. 50 CENTS PEOPLE!!

That might sound really dumb to you, but I’m one of those people that starts taking tests the second I think that I can (or maybe a couple days before, just to make sure) because the anticipation kills me. I want to know the second I am pregnant.

I’m the one whose first positive test with Edison, The Captain was sure I was just seeing things, and in the morning he came in and woke my up by punching my arm saying, “I THINK WE’RE GONNA HAVE A BABY!”

So, as fertile myrtle as I am, I should be expecting on The Captains birthday in February.

But, I am not going to say until I’m a ways in for the purpose of not having everyone asking me over and over when I’m due. NOR am I going to find out the gender. Just for the fun of it. Make it a little exciting.

(Like me pregnant isn’t bringing enough crazy to make life exciting enough.)

So, no, I am NOT crazy. Edison is potty trained, Bliss will be going to school at the end of this year, I will have some time to myself, I have my depression under control, I have found a fibromyalgia specialist that I’m on the waiting list for, I have massage, and I have found and will tinker with essential oils.

Besides, I have two dang cute little babies who look so different from the other with such different personalities, I am excited to see what this little bundle (if it happens) brings to the table.

I will, however, be thinking I’m crazy when The Captain gets into the MBA program…

That will be a different story.


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