I ordered the eye candy… over here.

Just got back from going on a date with my brother.

I think that might be the first date he and I have been on. LOL. He is visiting with his soon to be Mrs. and she offered to watch the babies while we went to a movie.

Mostly because I am not sure she is interested in this type of movie and T and I are HUGE fans of them.

Comic book movies.

They are my favorite movies. Of all time. Genre wise.

Thor just came out and while I was supposed to go see the midnight viewing with D, I forgot with the brother and his Mrs. coming to town.

I just want to say. Oh. My. Gah!

Not only is the man who plays the character Thor very handsome. He has worked very hard for this movie to get his body in the shape it’s in and I must say there was just a little drooling going on. I am dying to go see it in 3D now. And his accent is just the icing on the cake.

The movie was great to go along with the eye candy and it’s really fun watching the Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, etc. coming together.

Thank God for eye candy for us girls. And thank you Hollywood for bringing it to us. I thoroughly felt that my money was well spent for that 2ish hours of entertainment.

I wonder if I can get The Captain to take me to see it again. ;D


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