My pride and joy

Edison, 2 years old 9 months, has finally had one full day of potty training. AND we weren’t even home most of the day. This is not only the first time he’s gone this long with no accidents but the first time he has asked to go and not being at our own home.

The best part is, he has for a while gone and hidden to poop. He up and went to the bathroom, sat down on the potty by himself, and went poop. It was cute because when The Captain went to check on him, he asked him to shut the door so he could have his privacy. Neither of us realized that started so soon! Needing his privacy, not the potty training thing.

So, for Easter, I bought him undies that he picked out so he will be more excited to wear them. He chose Pixar characters. Wore Buzz this morning and Cars right now.

Now it’s just time to get Bliss into undies and we’ll be out of diapers soon. NO MORE FRIGGIN DIAPERS!!!


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